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How Therapy works

Terappia is a Psychology platform created with the aim of connecting psychologists and patients from all over Brazil. We deliver customized solutions to the difficulties of  our psychologists, helping them overcome the current challenges of the profession. 

The platform was designed by psychologists who know the needs of the profession. We know that today, clinical psychologists need to be inserted in the context of digital media to promote their work, but we also know how exhausting and difficult this can be for many. In addition, it is essential that every psychologist is linked to a platform and we understand how difficult it is to keep up, due to the high prices practiced in the market and fluctuations in the psychologist's income.

We created a method that made it accessible to any psychologist to register on a psychology platform unlike anything you've ever seen and at a very low cost. We work using advanced technological resources of professional marketing, promoting the work of psychologists registered with us, offering support through our social networks and tools that enable professionals to create content, facilitating the evolution of their work in the digital environment. 

As examples, we can mention that the psychologist has the Blog do Terappeuta, where the professional can write and post articles, with no limit of posts. You still have access to creating Podcasts, published on our Spotify channel. We also have a great feature, which is the sublease ads page, where professionals can find out, without leaving their home, different spaces to rent and service. We also have the Terappia Bem-Estar Digital, an area dedicated to the user's relaxation, completely free!

Our vision is to make Terappia a reference in the search for Psychologists across the country, for people seeking psychotherapeutic help, for the ease of use of the site and for the way we take care of our clients. In addition, Terappia is always ahead, innovating and bringing more and more useful tools to all psychologists in Brazil who use our platform. 

Signing up for Terappia is very easy. Click on the button below, fill in the requested data and wait for our team to contact you, who will give you a value proposition, answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process of publishing your profile on the platform.

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